A Dream of Uriel Recalled

Published: Fri 30 Sep 2022 01:10:25 AM UTC

A dream has recently been recalled to me. Though I never recorded it, I hold it in memory. This dream occurred to me in 2014, shortly after I was freed from my abuse and relocated to my Mother's home. Though much of the dream is lost, I do record what I recall of it as I feel now it holds much significance.

In the dream, I was in my old backyard. The earth was overgrown with plant and vine. The beauty of it all transcended the poorly maintained backyard that existed in reality. I marveled at the various shrubbery and saw true beauty within. Then, She appeared to me. In Her glorious form, I saw Her. She was the Archangel Uriel.

Uriel appeared to me both as my Great-Grandmother and as Ruth E. Norman, a woman who claimed to be Uriel incarnate and ran the cult UNARIUS (which I was familiar with due to having watched their programs on Public Access Television 19 in San Diego, CA). Nonetheless, I saw that She transcended any Earthbound form.

Though most of the dream has been lost to time, I know the most significant part of the dream recalled. She showed me the tree that was in our backyard, which had been transformed into a fertile tree of true beauty. She then told me her divine wisdom:

"The Tree of Life is the key to all things. Study it. Learn it. And you shall prosper."

At the time I did not understand what this meant. I had believed that The Tree of Life was biblical allegory from Genesis. Yet, despite having forgotten the dream until now, I had begun to study it much later. I now understand the sacredness of its form, the wonder of its Quabbalistic truth, and I now have recalled this dream of sacredness. Perhaps more of the dream will be recalled. It is not the only dream of this nature I have had in my life and ignored. More dreams shall come, and I shall share them as I recall them with you.