8 August, 2016

Last Updated: Sat 13 Aug 2022 03:54:45 AM UTC

I have gathered a number of links over the last few years that I feel are interesting, neat, and the like. See, back in the early days of the web, all websites had link pages due to web search engines being a new technology not yet utilized by all and was glitchy anyway. This page provides a nice source to my links. If they 404 due to Net Rot, there's always the Internet Archive to try and access them!

  • Cat-v: Random Contrarian Insurgent Organization — Things Considered Harmful — Thought of as the laughing-stock of the internet, created by self-important ``Philosopher'' Uriel, and frequently calling themselves a Trolling Business, some (definitely not all) of their philosophies are alright. These people forked Plan 9 from Bell Labs into a wonderfully esoteric operating system too. They are software autism taken to levels previously thought impossible.

  • Dr. Wilson's Math 300 Course of Sonoma University — Get more educated with Math.

  • Jeff Rense's Website — Jeff Rense presents a Drudge Report-like link aggregator, alternative ads, and Rense Radio, a free-thinking radio network. He has been doing this for several months longer than Matt Drudge, as well. He is an interesting Art Bell-like personality.

  • The Install Gentoo Wiki — A wiki made by 4chan's /g/ and 8chan's /tech/ to be a tech-centric wiki. Pretty good. I used to edit it frequently but now not so much.

  • Contemporary Home Computing — This site hosts the philosophical articles of a personal inspiration of mine, Olia Lialina, and her colleague Dragan E. Together, they make a philosophical team of the tech world, art that's the schwayest in all of cyberspace, and give a long-forgotten history lesson to the real history of the web.

  • ToastyTech — Quite the E-Celeb back in the 1990's during the Microsoft vs DOJ scandal, he has somewhat fallen into obscurity, but his site is still kept up-to-date without hiatus. Pretty interesting information, opinion, and self-made programs.

That's it for now...