On the trail again

An update on the current affairs of Se7en

Tue Jul 30 01:12:15 UTC 2019

Last updated: Fri 09 Oct 2020 01:47:51 AM UTC

This is a quick update. I thought it would be worthwhile to put on my (currently) temporary site. I am back home for the time being. I am searching for work. While I give a plea to donate to my bitcoin address to help with day-to-day living while I seek work, I am not demanding it. I am not a beggar. I am homeless however and not so foolhardy as to refuse to ask for any assistance.

Below is an update I made half-drunk the same day as this article.

If you can help contribute while I look for work, I would be apreciative. My BTC address (which should be the same as the one listed on my contact page) is 135ucAZBy2LJxX7SnV4NCLpmgpae6FNha1

Xah Lee was once homeless and pseudo E-Begged like I did. Now he is back on his feet again. I will not feel bad writing this out. However, I will say the truth: I will most likely move into the forrest by the end of the week due to not having the funds to keep my motel room. I will continue to seek out a job but will most likely not find work until a few months time.

My goal is to get a temporary job in the city I am in, while I seek the education at the local university.

I remain resiliant!

Aug 24 update

For those who have been following me, they know that I am doing much better. I want to thank all the individuals who have helped me. While still on the street, I am not jobless, not pennyless, and I am continuing to move back up in society. I am thankful to all those who gave me a little here, and a little there.

Update November 2019

While I remain in the homeless situation, I continue to save money from my work, and make new friends. I hope that the situation improves itself soon

Update October 2020

I felt the need to update this old page. I have not been homeless since December 2019, and was able to find a living arrangemrent in a beautiful rental home. However, problems may persue once the lease expires. I've actually begun soliciting individuals both OL and IRL to see if anyone is interested in moving in with me to co-lease.

I also feel the need to summarize what I did not on this page, as that Peertube Instance embedded above no longer exists (due to me, ha ha).

Fundementally, after 2017, I was marooned. It took me a long time to return home for reasons I will not go into here. I finally was able to —after traveling nearly the entire inland West Coast— return to this city in 2019. I arrived via Greyhound, knew the hardships that awaited me, and slowly returned to society.

After going door to door, I found employment at a local fast food resteraunt. I expected to stay in this position for a few months. It took me a year and three months to finally be able to quit. I was abused at that job beyond normality.

I was able to get this home after months of responding to other's solicitations. After this did not work, I submitted my own, with my photograph, saying that it was I whom was looking for someone looking to rent out to me.

I was able to move in to this home in early December, 2019.

After the (((Pandemic))) was inittially announced in January, I began going out less (except for work), and became a complete shut-in from the months of Febuary to July.

Finally, I was able to quit that job just a few months ago, and now am doing better than ever (except of course for the worry of the upcoming Febuary)

On a different page in the near-future, I plan to write a lengthy article about my Trampness, which in the past I have been afraid to do because of its potentially doxing nature.