About Se7en

Last updated: Sun 18 Jul 2021 05:23:52 PM UTC

I like to go by my internet alias of "Se7en" which I have held for several years now. I don't believe my real name is terribly hard to find. On more than one occasion I have used it carelessly. My photo is out there too.... Anyways, I am a computer hobbyist who lives in the United States. I have made this website to share my ideas and what have you. I do not consider myself a part of the Blogosphere, as I do not really advertise this website, and hold it to be esoteric to a few of my own communities (as well as the occasional web search). My initial creation of this site back in 2015 was due to not wishing to repeat myself on IRC chatrooms. My first article was about the problems with Cell Phone Networks. While I now own a cell phone, I still do not want to. :-)

I was a hardcore cypherpunk for a long while, but have relaxed (somewhat) on this issue. I do prefer to send and receive emails encrypted in PGP and use OTR for instant-messaging but I no longer anally require these prerequisites for communication with me. However, should I discover you are using Windows 10 and I will cease all digital communication with you. It is simply unsafe. I tried to warn everyone. I was laughed at. Anyway, if you have the capiblity to perform OTR and PGP, and other things, yet are not, please don't expect many replies.

As for my set-up, I used to have a complex series of computers. Now, I have two computers in storage: one tower in storage and an old junker laptop, my Dell Latitude D820. This machine previously ran Trisquel, a fully-free fork of the Debian System. However, the system proved to be glitched and out of date (even behind mainline Ubuntu). After the decision that the next release of the system would adopt the Mainline-Debian decision of using Systemd, I switched to Devuan, the Systemd-free Devuan fork.

In 2018 I finally retired my Dell Latitude, as it had become incredibly worn. The touchpoint had not worked in years after I accidently spilled a Coke-a-Cola into the machine. Next, the battery became shot requiring me to only use the machine plugged-in. Next, the hinge came loose requiring me to prop the lid up with a stopper of some kind (usually a candle). Then, I pried the keys up on the keyboard as it became filled with dog hair. I thought I would be able to put them back, but I was not. I began using my Sun Microsystems Type 6 Keyboard with it. After all this, I decided that despite running fine its usability had finally degregated enough. I switched temporarily to an HP Provilian (which I gave away after stripping it for parts) and bought a new laptop at a discount.

As of now, my primarily daily driver is a Thinkpad T530. I have yet to 1) remove the chichlet keyboard, and 2) Coreboot it. The second I consider priorities for my own personal safety.

As for Window Managers, I use a riced form of FVWM taken from ESR's conf script from 1998. I use mostly terminal programs in this setup, and avoid login managers. I use startx, midnight commander, and that sort of thing. I originally used LXDE, then moved to i3. I may move to a new system soon. I enjoy the minimalist approach as it usually means a sort of software feng shui and most always accomplishes boosts in speed and productivity.

I am more skilled in UNIX-based systems than other operating systems. I am told that I am a fast-learner however, and believe I could easily figure out other systems on my own should I be given the chance. Like many people my age, I have an adequite understanding of both Micro$oft Windon't and Macintosh, but these are not systems I interact with commonly anymore, and I deliberatly attempt to avoid.

i am a follower of the Cat-V philosophy, and agree with their founder on most points. Uriel was mostly right, though I feel he got some things wrong. This organization believes in the purity of the UNIX-Philosophy and has advocated for reformation in software development.

In real life, I hold my title as a Reverend. I am an ordained reverend in the Church of the Subgenius, and at their suggestion the Universal Life Church. This means that my legal title is Rev. [REAL NAME HERE], and I sometimes use it to play with people. I have yet to do anything with this however. I may advertise myself in the Yellow Pages or a Farmer's Alminac. I have full legal privlege to marry individuals and more. I became an ordained reverend not out of a joke (except the Subgenius part) but also because I felt a spiritual need to.

Also in real life I am many things, some of which I do Real-Name. I am a buisnessman [2020 no more, ha!], I am a nomad, and I am an occasional hermit. I have many real-name projects, and as such I've slowed down on the use of this site as I've increasingly become more comfortable using my real name. I continue to use this site with the intention of using it as my primary online identity (as I have always done). I plan to use this site much more. My addiction to (alt) Social Media, which has developed over the past few years, is weaning. I find the media to be convienent, but your content gets lost in the feeds. As such, I plan to return to making essays and publishing them here.

I am planning to become a Ham Radio Operator. I hope to I also wish to learn programming languages such as C and Python as well. I do not know much beyond the Shell. I am open about this shortcomming on my alternative social media. I am very well-equipped in many Computer Science concepts, and am also a hobbyist engineer. I have no schooling or accreditation at this time.

I am very interested in Alternative Medicine, and various other forms of Alternative Lifestyle. I am a Hermeticist. I am also a student of Hermetic Magick. I believe in Crystal Energy, and other such things that you probably think makes me insane. I believe in Spiritual Enlightenment achieved through psychonaught tactics and I am a Tulpamancer since 2014. I previously was afraid to make mention of these things out of fear of sounding like a teenage edgelord, but now I have become aware that these things are only edgy beliefs if you let them be. I have not been a teenager for many years. I understand that a lot of these things may sound silly and strange to an outsider.

If you wish to learn more about me, simply contact me. I might arrange to meet you for a nice lunch, should we be able to meet and I can trust you.

Some modern concepts that seem universal do escape me however. I don't see the point in owning a Cell Phone when a land-line does the same thing better. I am for some reason considered a fuddy-duddy often. I try to understand this, but am unable to. I send letters, for example, and find some people incredibly strange for not understanding basic technological concepts that are seemingly archaic (and long forgotten) to what seems like a majority of the population (usually involving analogue). I am unsure if this is truly me, or a result of people I associate with in real life. Whatever the case, I hope my own accused obsolescence is not off-putting to you.

There is supposedly an IPFS mirror of this site, which Neocities provides for free. Problem is, I can find no static IPNS link, only archives in IPFS made every few minutes (or perhaps with each change?) If you wish to see the archive link list, it is here, but I can not find an IPNS link to directly link.

When I get my own VPS, this site will also be under Freenet, Tor, I2P, IPFS, Gopher, and a million other things I want it to be under :)