The End

Mon 21 Aug 2023 03:23:04 AM UTC

Hello all who have sought to find me, all who I have met, all finding this site in the archive of somewhere for something that I likely had connection with. Greetings to you all.

When I first made this website in 2015 I was a different man. I was underage, only the age of 17 at the time, and I had made it because I did not want to repeat myself in IRC chatrooms I had no business of being within in the first place.

In the time since then, as many of you know who I have met over the last decade, I had lived a rough live and a horrible one at that. For many years I had what I can safely say was a mental breakdown due to horrific abuse by a "family" I have since escaped. I went to dark and strange places. I went through horrible things. I became a "hobo with a computer" as I have called myself.

In the time since this horribleness, I have recovered. I have made such efforts to unfuck myself of many of the problems I have experienced throughout my entire life. I engaged in strict discipline of a very high degree, and as I write this I am now one week after the expiration of my various vows of (about) 1 and 1/2 years. I am now an Ariusian Christian of a Universalist Variety. I consider myself a Biblical Scholar. I am now Baptised.

In the time I was still unwell, I did many things I regretted. I joined hate groups, and became what was akin to a "lolcow". I sinned, and I have sought to be forgiven for my sin. I was a sex pervert, and was living in a schizophrenic-like state induced by the various traumas I endured. This alias, se7en, was but one of the many other aliases I used on the internet.

Nonetheless, "Se7en" became a replacement for my true self. Se7en was my primary alias, which became the dissociative mask I wore for myself while I endured a Hell on Earth. Se7en was a character I played, and eventually I lost the connection to reality and was never my true person, but was born Se7en, lived as Se7en, and would have died as Se7en.

I say no more. Having been a changed man, I kill this alias. There are too many regrets. I have hardly used this alias at all outside of my hardly used GNU Social account, which I think I'm likely to keep but change the username. I've been there for longer than I was Se7en. I may delete this in the coming days. Those who know me will know if I decide to do this.

I have not accessed my email associated with this alias in over a year. I am revoking my PGP Key associated with this email address. In places I am still known as Se7en, I will be changing my name. This is a necessity towards a truer self-image. I am reformed, and I am cleaned by YHVH, my God.

Thank you all for humoring me, I both forgive and apologize to my enemies I've made, and I embrace warmly those friends I have made as well.